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ensure the company is insured for liability. Carefully read and understand any warranties or guarantees. HOW MUCH WILL TREATMENT COSTThat depends on the treatment, and also the pest-control company. In the absence of active infestation, your options are a ground treatment, a bait system, or even a combination of the two.

For a ground treatment on an average-sized home, expect to pay about $1,000 for the initial substance barrier, between $75 and $250 for annual renewal, depending on the substance used and the size and type of home. Various harm repair guarantees and other extras can increase the total cost of this contract.

For one of the new bait systems, expect to pay $1,500 to $2,000 for the initial installation and the first year's maintenance; $250 to $350 for annual renewals. Bait systems have shown some promise but have not been used extensively enough to prove their effectiveness under a number of conditions.

If you have an infestation, you can also tent the home, which pushes a poisonous gas into the house that leaves no permanent residue. This can be guaranteed by the company to kill the termites in the home, but will not touch them in the ground, which means you will need protection from reinfestation.



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I CHOSE A PEST CONTROL OPERATOR. NOW WHATRead the contract. Get everything in writing. When it's not in the contract, it can't be enforced. Be sure the contract lists native subterranean termites (Reticulotermes flavipes) and the Formosan subterranean termites (Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki). Under Louisiana state law, a termite contract's warranty only covers damage by the termite named in the contract.



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Check the blank called"special or additional comments," which often will be on the back of the contract, for any restrictions the pest control operator has included. Be aware that the warranty can be voided if you allow conditions which may contribute to an infestation, such as stacking wood against the building, adding woodwork that connects into the ground or not fixing leaky plumbing, gutters or other sources of moisture in or around the house.

The initial contract is for one year, and is automatically renewable next page for a second year. Its guarantee demands the pest control operator to retreat the building within 30 days of their discovery of termites that are active. Some operators have received permission from the state to add a fix guarantee. Check for restrictions and deductibles.

Ask questions regarding the treatment method Request what substance or chemicals will be used and the rationale behind their use. Request a copy of the chemical label, which explains the required process of their application, and the Material Safety Data Sheet, which gives detailed information on the chemical's potential dangers to humans.



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Require the precise procedures to be described in writing and look for answers to those questions: Where will the chemical be implemented How and where may openings be drilled to put chemicals under the home, and the way will the holes be sealed What special techniques will be used in areas where ground covering is present, or in other inaccessible locations and voids Will treatments include trees outside the house What processes will be utilized to guarantee the safety of you and other people in your house What restrictions are there on children playing on or near treated areas outside the house You or a company website representative ought to see the application and ask questions if the websites treatment is not following the agreed-upon class.

Termites eat but your house is not going to come down in a pile of sawdust like in the cartoons. If you've got a contract, call your service company immediately. If you don't have a contract, call companies for estimates. See"How do I choose a pest control operator" above.



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Watch"How much will treatment cost" for more information. Get an estimate on repairing damage. I'M BUYING A NEW HOUSE. WHAT SHOULD I DOHave it inspected.Most lenders require a Wood Destroying Insect Report before approving a loan. But the report has significant limitations, and includes this boldface warning:"The inspection described herein has been produced on the grounds of observable evidence in readily accessible areas and this report is submitted with no warranty, guarantee or representation concerning concealed evidence of infestation of harm or as to potential infestation.

. . "Taking that into consideration, here are some tips for getting the most from a termite inspection: it's the seller's responsibility to offer the termite inspection report before closing, however, the buyer should negotiate to choose the inspector. Failing that, it's well worth the cost to receive your own inspection and compare it to the vendors.

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